FENomenal Friday

On 28.04.2023 Mr. Yannick Schöpper, M.A. will give a presentation on „FEN, DC-Socio-Economics: Assessing Niche Readiness for DC Applications".

FENomenal Friday

The Research Campus Flexible Electrical Networks (FEN) conducts research on the development of a flexible power grid that will, among other things, guaranteeenergy supply with a high share of decentralized and renewable energy sources (https://www.fenaachen.net/vision).

The research campus organizes onlinelectures, the so-called "FENomenal Friday" events, on issues from this research field, some of which are open to the public. They are aimed at both experts and interested members of the public.

The next lecture will take place on 28.04.2023

Time: 10.00 - 11.00 a.m.

Topic: FEN,DC-Socio-Economics: Assessing Niche Readiness for DC Applications

1. Overview of the DC-Socio-Economicsproject

2. The concept of socio-economic niches

3. Paths to niche maturity



Yannick Schöpper, M.A. Research Associate, Chair of Society and Technology

The use of DC technologies is currently mostly being considered in specific use cases, such as data centers. The individual, collective and systemic benefitsof DC technologies are therefore far from being fully realised. The FEN research project DC-Socio-Economics addresses the identification of keysocio-economic barriers as well as potential enablers to understand and shapean evolution from DC niches to future DC applications in broader contexts. In the presentation the aims of the project will be briefly outlined and recent project developments will be discussed.


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Passcode: 255691

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