FENomenal Friday: Sample event in the Future

Prof. Dr. Antonello Monti, Institute for Automation of Complex Power Systems

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For a long time, open source was seen as an approach that only applied to research, but not to commercial applications. Other sectors have proven that this point of view is wrong. Open source is a mechanism of collaboration that brings high-quality products and incredible savings. The most important point is to define a governance model. The energy sector has recently started to move in this direction and concrete examples are already showing the benefits. The presentation will illustrate the process and provide insight into future developments.

Background: In the BMBF-funded FEN research campus transdisciplinary cooperation of 17 companies and several institutes of RWTH Aachen University, concepts are being researched that will enable a stable, affordable and secure supply of electrical energy today and in the future.

- Definition of Open Source

- Role ofOpen Source in other application areas

- a way to apply open source in the energy system

- Exemplary projects and experiences

Language of presentation: English

We look forward to your participation.