FEN projects visiting research institutions in Melbourne

The FEN projects „ESCape“, „ScaLE“ and „FlexGrids“ discussed concepts for future distribution grids at three research institutions in Melbourne, Australia.

FEN projects visiting research institutions in MelbourneFEN projects visiting research institutions in Melbourne

The FEN research projects “ESCape: Unified Protection Architecture for DC Grids at System and Component Level“, “ScaLE: Systematic and Application-wide Comparison of Power Electronic Converters and Components for DC Grids“ and “FlexGrids: Planning and Operation of Flexible Electric Distribution Grids of the Future“ represented by Raphael Mencher, Carsten Fronczek and Julian Saat accompanied the research delegation of “DC Socio-Economics: Niche Readiness and Market Diffusion of DC Technologies“ on their visit in Melbourne, Australia. In this context, several research institutions have been visited for interdisciplinary exchange: The Monash Energy Institute with Grid Innovation Hub at Monash University, the Melbourne Energy Institute at Melbourne University and the RMIT University (photo). Our researchers presented technical concepts developed within FEN Research Campus, discussed their social impact and could gain interesting insights into the Australian energy environment and research trends from Down Under. Many thanks for the fruitful discussions on future supply systems and the hospitality. FEN is looking forward to future collaborations.

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