Claas Digmayer is a visiting researcher at the IC² Institute in Austin

The research stay at the University of Austin (Texas, USA) will expand the focus of research on socio-economic requirements for the diffusion of DC technologies in FEN to include the aspect of energy communities.

Claas Digmayer is a visiting researcher at the IC² Institute in Austin

Claas Digmayer is a post-doc and research associate in the Human-Computer Interaction Center at RWTH Aachen University. During his stay at the IC² Institute, Claas investigates aspects of well-being and community development from the perspective of energy communities. The work provides input for his research project “Flexible Electric Networks (FEN): DC socio-economics, nichereadiness, and market diffusion of DC technologies,” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF, FKZ 03SF0592, Flexible Electrical Networks Research Campus), which examines the development and diffusion of direct-current technologies in niche markets. His stay is supported by the Exploratory Research Space of RWTH Aachen University with a scholarship from the Theodore-von-Kármán-Fellowship(Outgoing Scientists) Planderrogram (funded under the Excellence Strategy of the Federal Government and the States).

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